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Beijing E-Town International Small-credit Co Ltd

Updated : 2019-04-02
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Beijing E-Town International Small-credit Co Ltd is the first small-credit company that was approved by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Finance Work in the Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area (BDA) and plays a major part in BDA's industrial financial system.

It was mainly initiated by Beijing E-Town International Investment & Development Co in July 2010 with registered capital of 100 million yuan ($14.9 million).

As a professional company in development and marketing of financial products, as well as loan approval and post-loan management, its customers include the small and medium-sized enterprises, privately or individually owned businesses and natural person in BDA.

The company has been adhering to customer-oriented principle and offering financial support and services to high-tech firm, sci-tech SMEs and returned overseas entrepreneurs through various loans such as mortgage, pledge, guarantee and credit since its establishment.

Meanwhile, it has been improving its credit system, expanding financing channels, to ensure the cyclic utilization, maintenance and appreciation of funds, which lay a solid foundation for the healthy and sustainable development of the company.