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Beijing E-Town International Financing Leasing Co

Updated : 2019-04-03
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Beijing E-Town International Financing Leasing Co, or E-Town Leasing, is the first comprehensive Sino-foreign joint-venture financial leasing company in Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area (BDA).

It was founded with the approval of the BDA Administrative Committee in July 2013 and has registered and paid-in capital of $150 million and Beijing E-Town International Investment & Development Co (E-Town Capital) as its controlling shareholder.

2014 marks E-Town Leasing’s first year of development. With the resources of the BDA and E-Town Capital, E-Town Leasing focuses on expanding financial business channels and dispersing financial risks in the BDA, strives to provide high-quality and efficient market-oriented financial leasing services for customers.

At the same time, E-Town Leasing has been improving its management of financial leasing business by personnel training, accumulating project operation experience, and makes contribution to E-Town Capital’s goal of developing into an all-round financial service provider.

Profile of E-Town Leasing

E-Town Leasing has been working on improving its organization, regulations, business expansion, risk control and post-lease management, built linkage with the subsidiaries, peers and enterprises parties in the E-Town Capital Group and made breakthroughs in business expansion in a short time.

The company has set up a recommendation mechanism for projects from banks and a business expansion channel based on the high-quality customers of banks.

It has launched communication mechanism with banks such as Industrial Bank, Bank of Communications, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, SPD Bank and Bank of China, which laid a solid foundation for financing services like application for comprehensive credit and factoring credit from banks in the future.

In order to better control risks, E-Town Leasing has rolled out a risk management mechanism that ensures the expansion of its financial leasing business in an all-round way and its healthy development by reference to the risk control system of the E-Town Capital Group.

It has launched a follow-up monitoring and management mechanism, post-lease project report management system to ensure rent collection, asset disposal and recovery.

Meanwhile, the company also provides standardized information of leasing business to external customers, and offers value-added functions of post-lease management such as business tracking, risk early warning and reference to the internal parties within the Group.

E-Town Leasing’s fist products

The company has launched three products -- zhirongbao, huirongbao and rongcangbao to cater different customers’ demands and offer tailored services to enterprises in need of financial leasing.


The customer can designate the equipment and its manufacturer and entrust E-Town Leasing to purchase with the financing funds, and then use it and pay for the rental of the equipment. At the expiration of the lease, E-Town Leasing will transfer the ownership of the equipment to the customer.

Applicable to: Customers who plan to buy in new fixed assets.

Superiority: Customers can obtain equipment can be obtained with a small amount of funds.


The owner of the item first sells the item to E-Town Leasing for cash, then leases the item back and pays the rent. At the expiration of the lease, it regains the ownership of the item.

Applicable to: Customers with existing fixed assets.

Superiority: It can activate the stock of fixed assets and improve the liquidity of enterprises.


It takes the customer as a focus and provides financial leasing support for enterprises involved in its supply chain, such as upstream suppliers and downstream distributors.

Applicable to: Customers who have close ties to upstream and downstream enterprises

Superiority: It improves the overall quality and stability of the supply chain and the production and sales of the customer through offering financial support to the upstream and downstream enterprises in the supply chain.

E-Town Leasing vows to make full use of shareholders' customers and capital advantages and  provide financial leasing services for large and medium-sized equipment manufacturers, small and medium-sized enterprises and projects that are vigorously developed by the state and approved by the National Development and Reform Commission, and create a better financial environment for the economic development of the BDA.

Website: www.etownleasing.com