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Updated : 2016-06-14
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The E-Town Fund is an industrial fund management company established by E-Town Capital, in 2013, with the purpose of developing a top international fund management organization with wide influence and the management of E-Town Capital's fund of funds (FoFs) and direct investment fund.

E-Town Capital's FoFs is its major business and the company has grown rapidly since its founding by introducing social capital into the equity investment field and leveraging its fiscal fund. It has helped establish of more than 30 funds, worth 240 billion yuan ($ 36.40 billion) in all, contributing 27 billion yuan in capital.

The FoFs investment covers integrated circuitry, bio-medicines,  manufacturing, the culture industry and TMT, while its funds involve angel investment, venture capital, private equity and mergers and acquisitions, in yuan and dollars.

E-Town Fund has sound cooperation with top capital organizations and has been recognized by the public thanks to its solid strength, reliability, and professional operations and it came in 2nd in the 2014 Top 20 China FoFs awards of the Zero2IPO Group and it is also one of the Top 5 China FoFs of China Financing for the 2014-15 Period.