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Robotics and smart manufacturing

Updated : 2019-01-29
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The robotics and smart manufacturing industry is one of the pillar industries of the Beijing Economic-Technological Development Zone (hereinafter referred to as the BDA). The number of businesses in the robotics industry in the BDA has increased from 35 of three years ago to 153 today, with an average annual growth rate of nearly 70 percent, accounting for five percent of the national total. In 2017, the growth rate of the robotics industry in the BDA reached 50 percent, accounting for more than a quarter of the city's total.

The development goals for the robotics and smart manufacturing industry of the BDA are: to drive industrial development and technological innovation by building a national robot center and demonstration base; promote the construction of robotics production lines, digital manufacturing and smart factories with independent intellectual property rights, as well as build a national smart system solution source; and to develop a global robotic R&D innovation and system integration center, global robot display exchange and technology trading center, and a national robotic smart manufacturing and application demonstration center.


The robotics and smart manufacturing industry includes the following sectors: robotics, CNC machine tools, 3D printing, industrial inspection, industrial CT, and industrial internet. So far, the wind power sector is led by Goldwind; the robotics sector led by Yaskawa Shougang Robot Co and HIT Robot Group; the key basic component sector led by SMC; the electricity and grid equipment sector led by Schneider and ABB; and the automated production line sector led by Jingwei Textile Machinery Co and Sidel.